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Clear the Clutter, Manifest the Vision

There are certain catchphrases that we hear circulating social media daily. “Manifest your life” is one of them; and one that I passionately believe in as I’ve seen it work in my own life. The idea of manifestation isn’t a new one. If you grew up in church, or you’re simply familiar with spiritual jargon, you’ve heard about it many times. But from having conversations with others and browsing the social media stratosphere, I see the term being used more frequently as of late. And rightfully so! I mean, who doesn’t want to speak their dreams or wishes into existence? Why wouldn’t we want to transform our positive premonitions into reality? But before we can manifest anything, we must clear the clutter. If you’ve followed me on any social platforms over the years, then you’ve probably seen me post this phrase before. If you clear the clutter, you clear your vision.

Imagine having a spacious house, but it's filled with large boxes, bulky furniture, and trash from corner to corner. You and others can see how beautiful the structure of the space is, but none of you can picture it free of junk with a jazzy décor. The mess is interfering with the vision. Far as you can see, it’s a room full of crap that overwhelms you. This brings something to mind for me. For a while I was obsessed with the show Hoarders, and found myself stuck in front of the television binge-watching on Sunday afternoons. The homes were disgusting, yes, but that was just surface level. I was more interested in the mental state of the subjects. It amazed me how someone’s living space could evolve into that much disorder. When I lived in the Midwest years ago, I remember my hairstylist telling another client, “When a person’s house is nasty, it shows you what’s going on in their head.” From underneath the hairdryer, those words resonated with me as they were simple, but paramount at the same time. Ladies, y’all know those beauty shop convos are full of nuggets sometimes. One minute you're reading your Essence magazine, and the next you're like, what did ol' girl just say?

Being über observant is what I call the gift of a writer, and what my husband calls just being plain ass nosy, but I'll take that explanation too. I gain so many tokens by simply listening more than I speak, and that day at the salon was a prime example. When she said it, my thoughts instantly went to my home closet. Fast-forward to several years later, anytime I let my closet get out of hand and disorganized, I would reflect on that statement, then take a minute to figure out what was happening in my head. It was usually something stressing me. Or I was tackling too many things at once, and trying to be everything for everyone except myself. I would look around at the piles of clothing, nod and tell myself that sista was absolutely correct! My belongings were disheveled because my mind was in disarray. My hairstylist had been worth her weight in gold; whipping hair and speaking truths simultaneously. You never know what little things you might hear that come in handy later in life, just saying.

As we go on our journeys, there are situations that often cloud our minds. Many of them are not ours to own; however, because we are all connected, we become fresh sponges, soaking up the world’s happenings. If you are a me, me, me person, you may not realize those interconnections. As an empath, I understand them to great depths. This is why I strongly encourage you and your village to clear your mental clutter. I mention your village, because they are just as pivotal as you are in the process of manifestation. Think about it this way:

  • If you surround yourself with people who sit around and gossip about everyone else’s business, you are cluttered.

  • When your circle advises you to stay in the same place mentally, emotionally, or physically, but deep down you’ve outgrown those circumstances, you are cluttered.

  • If you are in a constant state of worry about things you can’t change, and your go-to person "amens" you while you complain, you are cluttered.

  • If you see a different future for yourself, but the people you share your life with speak negatively about your vision, then yes, you too are cluttered.

I could go on for pages on end describing instances that clutter our lives and mindsets. How can we manifest and create the life we seek with so much caving in on us? Picture the room I described earlier. All that junk! Can you see yourself making strides through a space like that? Every step you take will result in a stumble, or God forbid, you’ll trip and fall flat on your face. At that point all you can do is hope you haven’t broken anything that might hinder you from getting up again. So, you see, the clutter is a major obstacle. With all that stuff holding you back, forward movement is stagnant. You can’t think clearly enough to manifest what you want. You probably struggle to even know what you actually want. To manifest in the ways that so many influencers are promoting these days, our minds have to be clear enough to visualize what we want.

So Sis, get those negative vibes up off you. Rearrange some people in your life, and prioritize the ones who pour into you. For the others who drain your positive energy and leave you feeling stuck, please forcefully (with intention and no room for question) move them to the side. They have no place in your vision, and will only serve as a gigantic, tattered box that blocks your spacious living area. And honey, we all love a living space where we can vibe freely with no constraints.

Today’s message is short and right to the point. Clear your vision, manifest your best self, and love your life. We only get one, my beauties. Might as well create the one you really want. Until next week, happy clearing, and peaceful living!

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