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4 Ways to Move Forward When You Feel Stuck

A common, but unfortunate feeling that I hear spoke about way too often is the state of being "stuck". The word alone brings me back to a place I refuse to ever visit again. I remember all too well how it feels; like you're running around a circular track with no exit. You know, witnessing the same dramas unfold, having the same close-minded conversations, all of it. My particular form of stuck was centered around me trying to keep up a façade of strength, never wanting to be vulnerable, or appear as if I didn't have it all together. And I'll be the first to tell you, not facing your truths will have you feeling more stuck than a thong after climbing two flights of stairs.

Don't worry, it's all an illusion. You can always make a move as stuck is just a feeling. That’s the line I want to reiterate. We are never actually stuck. Stuck is a mindset that can be shifted. To be stuck means to be clung to, fixed or simply to remain. Choose any of the three definitions and you’ll recognize they have an important aspect in common; they can be undone. If you recall the antics of 2020, even Gorilla glue is reversible with the right tools. So if you find yourself having that stuck feeling now or in the future, this is your message.

Who hasn’t felt stuck at some point in their life? But like all situations, we have to find the brighter side, and use it to uplift us. In this instance, the upside is that stuck indicates that you yearn for something more. Your spirit is trying to guide you to your next level of life. So, first feel your feels. Cry or throw a private hissy fit to get it all out; whatever you need to do. Just don’t stay put in whatever situation is bringing you grief. There’s always a move you can make to unglue yourself from any circumstance. We tend to forget our power and that’s when the lies call hopelessness seep in. This message is here to drag you from the grasp of that falsity. Here’s my suggestions on how to jumpstart your freedom.

  1. Transform your thoughts. Yes, as I always say, it’s the mind that has to change first: If you think you can change your situation, you’ll take the steps to make it happen.

  2. Get that community right: Community? What control do I have over community, you might be wondering. I’m talking about the circles you dwell in, the ones who influence your mindset even when you don't realize it. Like the elders say, "if I’m stuck in a boat I don’t want help from the person who's in the boat with me. I need somebody on solid ground to pull me out." Wisdom told the truth. You don't have to remove your trusted people, but definitely limit the ill advice they might give you, and expand your community.

  3. Be willing to listen to a different perspective. If you admire something about a person who has made moves you seek to make, don't hesitate to reach out to them. Follow their blueprint, but adjust it so it's tailored to who you are. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to show you how they made changes and evolved.

  4. Take small steps. No pressure, beauties! Make a short list of 3-5 changes you need or want to make, then tackle them at your own pace. Remember, when you move at someone else's pace that's when you get overwhelmed. Do what you can, when you can.

Short, sweet and to the point. If you're reading this and the message is relevant to your current life, congrats to you! Your first step is already underway. The more you read uplifting material and surround your whole being with positivity, the more you'll notice your mentality shift. Make it a fab weekend, beautiful people. Love and light until next time.

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