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Roses & Dames

Destiny Reynolds is a beautiful woman who lives a life of privilege. As the wife of a successful sports agent, Brent Reynolds, she has every tangible a woman could desire. But like the roadblocks in the middle of a fast-paced highway, her life as a housewife is interrupted by secrets and betrayal. In the midst of the madness, Destiny evolves from a meek housewife who lives in Brent’s shadows, to a bold seductress who calls her own shots.

When she meets an intriguing hustler who introduces her to drugs, fast money, and the streets; Destiny conjures a plan to start her own business servicing rich men with companionship. With gorgeous employees and an impressive client list, the company is an immediate success. But as the old adage goes, when you’re sitting at the top, the only direction to go is down. And while Destiny’s bank account swells, her dignity, pride, and spirit, shrinks her down to a desperate place. Addicted to the fast life, Destiny finds herself in the midst of a crime game that she knows nothing about. Will she rise from the dark place that she is reduced to, or will this test of endurance render her soulless?

Time will be the decider of her fate as she struggles between what she wants and what she really needs…

Book Price: $10.00
(Plus tax + Shipping & Handling)

Roses & Dames II

Nothing in life is constant but change. As the owner of the most successful escort service for athletes, Destiny Reynolds has learned this all too well. After conceiving a child with a man she despises, and losing a friend to the risqué business she created, she’s able to rise from the chaos cracked but not shattered. And when she expands her business to South Beach Miami she’s dazzled by the coastal night life and grandeur. Sure, the expansion turns an impressive profit; enough to make anyone ignore the red flags. But when she gets snared into a trap that involves her old colleague, Whitney, and a few sketchy game changers who just might end her life, the lines get blurred beyond Destiny’s vision.

When the past is on your trail there is simply nowhere to hide, and sinful endeavors always end in destruction. What will be sacrificed as Destiny strives to get to the top? A true boss must always be a risk-taker, yet losses are inevitable when it all falls down.

Book Price: $10.00
(Plus tax + Shipping & Handling)

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