Kristal Gayle House is an extraordinary talent who has begun to impact the literary world in a magnificent manner. Kristal uses her purposeful gift of transforming pages with words as a way to not only captivate each reader, but to also redirect the lives of anyone she encounters. The Dallas, Texas native is no stranger to perseverance, as she has built her life and career on pushing through any type of pain. A tragic death, loneliness, and tons of self-doubt, only enabled her to find her true path. Now readers and fans are strengthened by her innate passions. Kristal House attended the University of Texas at Arlington. Kristal graduated magna cum laude with a BA in English, and an emphasis in creative writing. Mrs. House is also a proud member of The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Kristal Gayle’s first book, Roses & Dames, received highly acclaimed reviews. The sequel, Roses & Dames II: When It All Falls Down, will be available this summer. Kristal enjoys fascinating audiences while developing characters who are broken by circumstances, but propelled into greater by connecting with their amazing strength. With a strong desire for helping women, a large part of Kristal House’s reason for finishing college was to show her children that they do not have to limit themselves. House’s life is a testament to always staying true to whatever dreams you have inside of you. Kristal also has a desire to write historical fiction pieces that highlight women of color. Kristal Gayle House currently resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her husband and beautiful children.